Project Description

FSC Certified WISA Spruce Special Grade Osmose AC500 Softwood Plywood CE2+

FSC® WISA Treated Spruce Plywood Osmose AC500 G/III is protected against the effects of wood destroying organisms. Made from spruce veneers throughout, it is normally bonded together with a phenol formaldehyde adhesive, which has superior resistance to loss of bond strength with time. This variant has been pressure impregnated with Osmose AC500 preservative to provide long term protection against the effects of rot, mould growth, fungal decay and insects.


  Suitable for interior use a structural component in humid conditions
  Suitable for use in external situations where resistance to biodeterioration is a consideration
  Frequently specified in dry or humid locations where the risk of future wetting is high
  Meets EN314-2 Bonding class 3
  Meets EN636 Specification class 3
  FSC certified
  Ready to use surface
  Lightweight, strong and rigid