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Masters CNC Edge banding applies a strip of material to the exposed edge of a board, typically made of wood or MDF, to create a finished look and protect the board from moisture and damage. Our Edge banding services involve using an edge banding machine to apply a strip of material to the board’s edge. Here are some advantages of using Masters CNC edge banding services:

Edge banding gives a professional and finished look to the board’s edges, improving the product’s overall appearance.

Edge banding is used after the CNC cutting, laser cutting, MDF wall panels and design to give it a smooth edge look.

Edge banding helps protect the board from moisture, damage, and wear and tear, extending the product’s life.

Edge banding can be done in various materials, colours, and thicknesses, providing businesses with the flexibility to customize the product to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Edge banding machines can apply edge banding quickly and efficiently, reducing production time and increasing output.

Edge banding machines can apply edge banding with high precision and consistency, ensuring a high-quality finished product.

Edge banding services can be cost-effective compared to other finishing options, such as painting or staining.

Edge banding machines is also used to give smooth edges of plywood cabinets.

Overall, edge banding services provide a cost-effective and efficient way to give a professional finish to boards while offering protection and customization options.

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Services We Offer

Fast turnaround edge banding service serving Kent, London. We cover the rest of the UK by courier.

We offer an exceptional finish on a vast range of different edge banding options to the trade.

As you will be aware, edge banding is narrow strips that create durable and aesthetically pleasing trim. Below is a list of the most popular services we offer.

ABS Edging (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

Essentially, ABS is a highly resistant laminate banding which is impact-resistant, abrasion resistant, and mechanically and thermally resilient.
ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) edging is used to finish coated wood-based materials such as chipboard, MDF, HDF and lightweight boards. Available in wide widths and thicknesses and matches product decors.

PVC Edging

It is made from a plastic material called Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a solid and robust material with high dimensional stability, highly resistant to impact and abrasion, chemicals and UV light, ensuring long tool life and easy machining. In addition, PVC edgings are 100% recyclable and flame-retardant.

Acrylic Edging

At Masters CNC, we use 1mm to 2mm thick acrylic tapes. The acrylic edging tape is ideal for deep visual gloss and matte effects. It creates a real depth to finish; its high heat resistance and scratches can be polished out. Edging boards from 12mm to 44mm.

Veneer Edging

Gives an authentic solid wood finish to tabletops, worktops, cabinets and shelving. In addition, it is a great way to cover the exposed edge of Veneered MDF boards and other panels.

Our wood veneers are Furniture Grade, suitable for our cabinetmaking and Joinery services.

  • Cabinet Making

  • Shopfitting

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture

  • Worktop Edging

  • Trade Kitchen Carcass manufacturing

  • Cabinet making for display, exhibitions and shows.