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MDF Wall Panels For Wall Panelling

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Transform Your Space From Bland To Grand With Stunning Wall Panels

Renew the appearance of your home or office with Master CNC’s exquisite wall panelling.

Tired of dull wall designs and room colors? Does your bedroom reek of mediocre aesthetics? Perhaps your office space needs a makeover with a more professional and polished look. Introduce picture-perfect walls into your interior design with wall panelling that reflects the color and design of your choice!

Master CNC meets all your wall panelling needs with efficiency, precision, and style. We keep the process super simple, hassle-free, and lightning-fast. So you can order, relax, and get back to enjoying your personal space with time to spare!

Whether it’s MDF wall panels, soft plywood, hardwood designs, plastic PVC installations, or metal finishes, we deliver it all! What’s more, we’ll customize every plank and sheet that goes into your wall so that it reflects your style and character.

And all it takes is three super-easy steps – consult, design, and install!

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How Does MDF Panelling Works?


Schedule a quick sitting with our team to get your requirements in place. We’ll take you through all the options and possible choices and even throw in suggestions based on our experience of quality MDF wall panels.

Open up about what you want and the kind of style you desire. We’ll grab all your input and ensure that every concern is addressed. Once you’re satisfied with the idea, we get to work immediately.


We work with your design or deisigners and create magnificent wall panelling that meets your exact needs. Whether it’s the affordable and sustainable MDF wall panelling or a more refined hardwood for bedroom wall panels and other rooms we’ll set up the ideal material for your walls with perfect solution.

Our precision cutting will save time, remain cost-effective, and cover the complete set of needs your room presents.


We’ll work with your install team to ensure on time delivery of the project.

Our CNC services ensure that you get custom cuts that fit perfectly in every slate and corner of the wall. Your wall panelling will appear painted, pristine, and pleasing to every visitor’s eyes.

Remodel Worry-free With Master CNC!

We work hard to bring your aesthetics and vision to life. But with us, it’s not just the quote and delivery. Master CNC ensures that our innovative expertise and unmatched dedication make the project a hassle-free, affordable, and productive experience for you.

That’s a big ask, we know. So, how do we accomplish all that?

Veneer Edging

Gives an authentic solid wood finish to tabletops, worktops, cabinets and shelving. In addition, it is a great way to cover the exposed edge of Veneered MDF boards and other panels.

Our wood veneers are Furniture Grade, suitable for our cabinetmaking and Joinery services.

Efficient Execution

Master CNC maintains the highest standards of productivity, ensuring that you don’t have to wait a day longer than expected or pay a pound more than agreed.

We use top-of-the-line CNC machines to carve, cut, and fashion your panel sets, regardless of whether you order MDF wall panelling, CNC cutting, Laser cutting or PVC panel designs. Unmatched speed and execution result in lower costs and faster delivery for you and your home.

Complete Customization

Our CNC technology allows precision cuts that give shape to any abstract design you can imagine. Gone are the days when you needed an old-school chiseller to work on boards for months for a single design of spirit level. Our CNC machines take less time and fewer resources and deliver increased accuracy for any design you order.

We’ll deliver intricate skirting boards and dado rail sets or include more detail in the top-quality MDF panelling, shaker wall panelling, bathroom walls and wood panels of your choice. Designs that require multiple pieces are ready at a moment’s notice and in a very cost-effective way.

Bring your inspiration to life when you let Master CNC handle your wall panelling needs.

Optimized Use Of Materials

Master CNC uses high-end software programs that manage the physical execution of your work. So, there’s minimum waste and maximum accuracy even when creating the tiniest embellishments on your skirting boards or fine curves on a dado rail.

With minimized waste of material, your project costs less and saves a lot more.

The saved materials also allow you to play around with additional specifications like thickness, width, or depth. Use the leftover wood to design wainscoting or install beading details on your bathrooms and front door.

Unmatched Expertise

CNC wall panelling looks easy but takes a lot of experience to master. The team at Master CNC has accumulated a diverse range of projects, deliveries, and designs under its belt. Today, we come better-equipped and more prepared than the average wall panelling vendor that offers the same service as the MDF wall panelling guy next door.

Ours is a service refined by years of workmanship with materials and expertise with state-of-the-art technology. For instance, we beat ordinary MDF wall panels with moisture-resistant MDF panelling that’s cut to precision, treated to last, and polished to impress!

Fail-proof Consultation

Looking to enhance your interior design but at a loss for inspiration? Allow us to offer game-changing designs, compelling aesthetics, and wall fashions on-trend.

We make your design process effortless and stress-free.

  • We can help you choose the width, depth, or thickness of your wall panelling.
  • Our engineering team will suggest materials that will suit your building (MDF, plywood, wood, etc.)
  • Master CNC’s design experts can recommend what paint and color may add character to your room. They can also suggest what skirting boards, MDF boards, shaker wall panelling, hallway panelling, wood panels, mdf panelling or thickness of beads might suit your existing rooms.
  • Our technicians will inform you on how your design will come to life, how long till we install it, and how to prepare for the day.

When you sit with us, you get a resource-packed consultation that will change your home from dull to delightful.

Multiple Materials To Choose From

Not every home requires MDF panelling, while other times, MDF wall panels prove more suitable. Some clients prefer classy hardwood wall panelling in their bedrooms. Other times, people desire more texture and color than custom sheets provide.

Regardless of your need and preference, we work with every possible wall panelling material for thick mdf, living space, shaker panelling and decorative purposes.

MDF Panels

MDF wall panelling is one among numerous materials you’ll get from our shelves.

Utilizing MDF for wall panelling remains a popular choice for many customers, and with good reason! Reused and compressed wood fibres make it a sustainable option. And they make excellent materials for shaker wall panelling in any room.

Plus, MDF wall panels are among the most affordable materials, and paint jobs come out beautifully on the surface. People often doubt the moisture-resistant qualities of MDF wall panelling. However, we source only the best moisture-resistant MDF sheets that come especially treated to resist moisture.

Shaker wall panelling style is known for its clean lines, simplicity, and functional design. MDF panelling strips is dense, strong, moisture resistant, and uniform in texture, making it an ideal material for paneling strips.

Enjoy the liberty of endless designs when you let Master CNC provide versatile MDF wall panels for your home.


Plywood wall panelling is on the rise thanks to its affordability and easy installation. The thin layers of veneer make them a stable choice of material, and they’re easy on the pockets even if you overhaul every wall in your home.

With the right chemical treatment, plywood wall panelling will remain resistant to corruption from water or fire. And it doesn’t bend, warp, or lose shape as fast as ordinary wood. With our cutting-edge CNC equipment, you can order customized wall panelling that fits anywhere, beautifies any room, and lifts up the whole place with best plywood cabinets.

Create innovative designs from conventional plywood when you enlist Master CNC’s fresh expertise.


No discussion on wall panelling is complete without the mention of traditional hardwood. They’re classy, and robust, and add a dash of character that other materials simply cannot emulate.

The right timber will come with a natural grain and texture that makes your rooms warm and inviting. And that’s something that your MDF wall panelling cannot replicate easily.

Also, wood has the natural integrity to endure all manner of cuts and shapes, limited only to your creativity and imagination. On the other hand, a plywood panel won’t stay together if cut into super thin strips. And MDF wall panelling typically allows for straight edges and conventional geometric shapes only.

Elevate your home or office with the luxury of natural wood when you invite Master CNC to install wall panelling in your area.


We provide affordable PVC wall panellling for clients who want low-maintenance panels that pop out with personality.

The stock wallpaper in your home is supplied by green and inexperienced designers out to make a quick buck. Replace the worn-look surface with a thicker board, animated styles, and luxurious elegance with our PVC wall panelling services.

We’ll show you a wide selection of PVC panelling that will turn your walls from gloomy vibes to upbeat sights. Best Edge Banding for the decorative PVC panelling of your home. Choose from a delightful range of paint options, textured walls, and green styles that add character and opulence to your home.

PVC strips and panels work well in bathrooms, bedrooms, and standard offices too. We can provide designs that match your floor or complement your furniture and create a welcoming and transformational environment.


Composite aluminium sheets are not as common as the MDF panelling you’ll see in every modern room. However, choose the right width, length, and design, and you have a luxurious and modern look that painted wood simply cannot imitate.

We understand that different clients prefer wall panelling from different materials. Many times, the right paint and finish will make one material as impressive as the other.

Make This Magic Yours Today!

There’s so much more we offer for your wall panelling needs but cannot possibly list everything here. Get in touch with our team and learn all the delightful add-ons you’ll get when you partner up with us.

As potential clients, we also feel the need to communicate with you honestly and without reservations. Confirmed projects often pile up quickly on our list. When that happens, we are obliged to deliver our expertise to customers who engage our services first.

If you’re here reading this line, it means our pipeline can accommodate a few more orders. Do not worry about not knowing what you want. Part of our job is to help you figure out your need and give shape to your vision. Reach out to us now and set the ball rolling to a phenomenal new home and impressive new workspace!

How important is wall panelling for my home?2023-04-10T11:43:16+00:00

The right wall panelling can transform the ambience and aesthetic of your home entirely. Choosing the correct width and type of panel is a crucial decision. And we provide the necessary expertise and assistance at every step of the process. With us, you can pick the perfect panel, create precision designs, and enjoy customized interiors that renew and reinvigorate your home.

Endless questions and recurring doubts may keep bothering you as you decide what wall panelling to choose and how to get it done. Leave this grueling task to us and relax in playful excitement as you look forward to the captivating new look that awaits your home today!

Is wall panelling your only service?2023-04-10T11:42:52+00:00

Our services go beyond wall panelling to include all manner of customized cuts and shapes you desire from wood and related materials. We can add custom carvings to your door, smoothen woodwork without manual sanding, install cabinets in your home, and even create 3D prints of your favorite shapes and patterns.

Which materials work best for wall panelling?2023-04-10T11:42:36+00:00

The most suitable material for your wall panelling depends on your budget, depth of design, desired aesthetics, and the scope of the project. For instance, MDF panelling remains cheap and pleasing to the eye. Plywood is accessible and convenient. Hardwood will cost more but appears cozier and more luxurious.

How much does wall panelling cost?2023-04-10T11:42:16+00:00

Your wall panelling project’s estimated cost will depend on the materials used, the intricacy of the design, the extent of services required, and panel dimensions (width, length, how thick, etc.). Give us a quick ring or leave a message detailing your requirement, and our team will reach out to you with the most competitive price.

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