Pine Faced Poplar Core Softwood Plywood C+ C CE4

CNC Sheet Material Pine Faced Plywood

Pine Faced Poplar plywood is an entry level range of Chinese plywood intended for those customers for whom the primary consideration is price. It is not tested for strength and consequently not suitable for structural use in buildings. This is designated by the term “CE4” in the description. The EN314-2 Bond Class 1 effectively restricts the range of permanent applications to dry interior use only (EN335 Use Class 1). It can be used temporarily in damper environments, provided the expected service life is 28 days or less. The pine face veneer gives the appearance of softwood plywood at an economical price.

This plywood is often used in furniture making, such as for plywood cabinetry or MDF wall panels. With the help of modern technology like master CNC machines, Pine Faced Poplar plywood can be cut and shaped into complex designs, allowing for unique and customized pieces. Despite its limitations, this plywood still meets EN314-2 Bonding class 1 and EN636 Specification class 1 standards, making it a reliable choice for certain applications.


  Basic entry level economy product
  Not Suitable for structural use in buildings
  Suitable for permanent use dry interior conditions only
  Suitable for temporary use humid or wet conditions
  Meets EN314-2 Bonding class 1
   Meets EN636 Specification class 1