Sanded Siberian Softwood Plywood CE2+

CNC Siberian Softwood Plywood cut to size on site.

A Siberian Softwood Plywood is manufactured from a blend of Spruce, Pine and Larch veneers harvested in the Bratsk region of the Russian Federation. It is bonded with a phenolic resin which gives excellent resistance to loss of bond strength over time. The cold climate in the harvesting region provokes the growth of a fine textured timber and the veneers are thinner than found in most other softwood plywoods which all contribute to both bond strength and stability. The product is rigorously tested and suitable for use in structural applications.

Masters CNC, we offer precision CNC cutting services for Siberian Softwood Plywood, allowing you to create bespoke designs for your plywood cabinetry projects. Our cutting-edge technology ensures accuracy and efficiency, while our in-house design team can assist with creating and refining your designs. We also offer edge banding services to provide a clean, finished edge to your plywood panels. In addition to plywood, we can also provide CNC cutting services for MDF wall panels and other wood materials, giving you endless possibilities for your projects. Contact us for a free quote and to discuss your project requirements.


  Improved strength and stability
  Excellent resistance to loss of bond strength with time
  Thinner veneers mean higher glue content
  Meets EN314-2 Bonding class 3
  Meets EN636 Specification class 2
  Fsc® certified